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Redistribution into OSPF

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redistribution into ospf

Here I will show you on Cisco Routers how to do redistribution of routes into OSPF from EIGRP. After you read this article you may want to check one more where I showed how to configureĀ route redistribution into EIGRP. There are similarities and differences when compared to EIGRP redistribution.


Redistribution into EIGRP

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Redistribution into EIGRP

When a network consist of more than one routing protocol, there could be need to advertise routes learned by one routing protocol into another and vice versa. In such a case you may want to take advantage of route redistribution feature. A simple redistribution is quite easy to do. The main configuration command is ‘redistribute’ which is used in EIGRP configuration mode.


OSPF Point to Multipoint Non Broadcast over Frame Relay

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OSPF over FrameRelay

This article is a completion of two previously discussed labs where we talked about OSPF multipoint Non-Broadcast over Frame Relay and OSPF Point to Multipoint over Frame Relay. In this lab we will discuss about OSPF Point to Multipoint non-broadcast over Frame Relay, will briefly compare with previously discussed OSPF network types and will build a lab to show how it works.