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BGP Weight manipulation with Route Maps

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For advanced control over BGP Weight attribute, Route Maps can be used. To recall, Weight attribute is used by BGP to break the tie when there are more routes to the same network. Route with the highest weight is preferred. Weight attribute is a Cisco feature, it has local meaning and it is not transmitted to other routers.


Changing the BGP Weight attribute

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When BGP has multiple paths to the same destination it must decide which one to select. The route selection process is based on attributes, where the Weight attribute is the first one that BGP takes into account when deciding which path to choose in order to reach the destination.


Cisco Route Maps basics

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Route Maps represent a powerful tool for manipulating ip routes and packets. Route maps are somewhat similar to Access Lists but are more complex and more powerful. This article describe the basics of route maps on Cisco devices, and what they are used for. Route maps are widely used by: