EIGRP route summarization

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By default EIGRP has auto summarization enabled. This means that it will summarize to classfull addresses at network boundaries. Leaving auto summarization enabled could cause a lot of troubles in our network. EIGRP has the ability to create summary routes at arbitrary boundaries by using manual summarization. 


Propagating EIGRP Default Route

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With the use of default routes a better network performance could be achieved. For example routers at the access layer don’t need to know all routes in whole network. By using a default route you can significantly reduce the size of router’s routing table thus improving performance. There are few ways to propagate a default route into EIGRP domain, read further to see them …


EIGRP basic tutorial

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This video tutorial is dedicated to basic EIGRP configuration using GNS3. also we’ll disable auto summarization, will configure a static default route and propagate it through EIGRP. (Watch the video)


Redistribution into EIGRP

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Redistribution into EIGRP

When a network consist of more than one routing protocol, there could be need to advertise routes learned by one routing protocol into another and vice versa. In such a case you may want to take advantage of route redistribution feature. A simple redistribution is quite easy to do. The main configuration command is ‘redistribute’ which is used in EIGRP configuration mode.