OSPF Point to Multipoint Non Broadcast over Frame Relay

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OSPF over FrameRelay

This article is a completion of two previously discussed labs where we talked about OSPF multipoint Non-Broadcast over Frame Relay and OSPF Point to Multipoint over Frame Relay. In this lab we will discuss about OSPF Point to Multipoint non-broadcast over Frame Relay, will briefly compare with previously discussed OSPF network types and will build a lab to show how it works.


OSPF Point to Multipoint over Frame Relay

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OSPF point to multipoint over FrameRelay

In this lab we’ll use the same topology as in the previous one, where we talked about how to configure OSPF on nonbroadcast network type. In Point to Multipoint OSPF behaves opposite to the Non Broadcast network type, namely here OSPF does not elect a DR/BDR but neighbor discovery proccess takes place. So, in this case we shouldn’t add neighbors manually.


OSPF Non-Broadcast over Frame Relay

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OSPF non-broadcast network type over Frame Relay

In this article you we’ll examine how OSPF is behaving when using it over Frame Relay in a Nonbroadcast IP OSPF Network. Nonbroadcast network type is default on Cisco Routers so you don’t have to set it. Take note that in Nonbroadcast network type DR/BDR election process take place but Dynamic Neighbors Discovery don’t, so we need to add neighbors manually. In next picture you see the topology for this lab.


OSPF virtual link lab (Scenario 1)

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OSPF Virtual Link (Scenario 1)

Hello everybody! There are times when you need in OSPF network to connect backbone area (Area 0) with a non backbone area, but there is no a direct connection between them. The other case is when you want to connect two parts of an Area (let’s say area 0), separated by some other area, we’ll discuss today about this case . To handle such situations you can use OSPF future called “Virtual Links”.